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Crown O' Maine’s
Quality Specifications

for items supplied to us.

Below is the list of quality specifications and standards we expect for the most successful outcomes for all involved.
We do occasionally reject products that do not meet our standards.
While pick up of products is a service we provide, delivery or return of rejected items is not guaranteed free of charge.
We may not need new suppliers for all items listed below. Check What We're Buying to see what we are currently looking for.

Occasionally these standards will undergo slight changes, so check back here when your crop is ready.

If you have any questions, call 877-7444 or email me at marada@crownofmainecoop.com before you ship to us.

Visit our Farmers' Supplies page for boxes, packing supplies, etc. as well as what information is required on your shipping labels.
Go here for a printable version of the spreadsheet below.