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Access and Affordability: Local Foods on the Maine Table
Crown O’ Maine Organic Cooperative (COMOC) brings you the goodness of things Maine grown, gathered, and produced.

Dedicated to serving Maine since 1995, Crown O’ Maine distributes locally grown produce across the length and breadth of Maine. COMOC welcomes your buying club, restaurant, or neighborhood retail establishment to our growing collection of foods produced by your local farmers, fishermen, and artisans.

We believe that Maine is a place where communities can and do work together. Our vision looks to ways we can strengthen and improve our inter-connectedness. Over the last ten years we have witnessed and received much love and support from the Maine community for our agricultural efforts.

Our goal now is to improve access to locally grown and produced products by providing a system that enables more participation in this great relationship. Since the Fall of 2006 we have offered an expanded product line regularly delivered to your neighborhood. In recent years we have begun make these deliveries on a weekly basis in many areas.

To learn more about how you can work in harmony with and strengthen the local economy click on Our Vision.